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About the course

Medical coding holds a crucial place in RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) which deals with the settlement of insurance claims in developed countries. Medical coding involves the conversion of healthcare diagnoses, medical services and equipment into universally accepted medical alpha-numeric codes. These codes are defined by World Health Organization (WHO). These diagnostic and procedure codes are taken from various medical records namely physician notes, laboratory/radiology results. The main job of a medical coder (or clinical coder) is to analyse the medical records/laboratory results, radiology results etc. and assign codes based on standard classification.

medical coding training in kerala
medical coding training in kerala
medical coding training in kerala
medical coding training in kerala

Information on the program

Updated curriculum of international quality

CPC certified trainers

Multiple mock tests

100 % placement assistance

Topics covered

  • Anatomy & Physiology : All human systems
  • Medical Terminology; Pre-fix Suffix Abbreviations
  • ICD-10 CM
  • Introduction to medical coding
    a. Structure & conventions
    b. General Coding guidelines
    c. Chapter specific guidelines
  • CPT-4: Procedure Coding
    a. Evaluation and Management Coding
    b. Anaesthesia Coding
    c. Surgery Coding
    d. Radiology Coding
    e. Pathology Coding
    f. Medicine Coding
  • HCPCS Coding
  • Medical Billing
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • HIPAA Training
  • CPC sample question papers with THOUSANDS of coding practice scenarios

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Our Medical Coding Training Comprises of -

ICD – 10: International Classification of Diseases which is the 10 th revision Procedure Coding System. ICD – 10 codes are alphanumeric codes used for diagnoses. Every disease, disorder, injury, infection and physiological symptom has its own ICD-10 code.

CPT: Current Procedural Terminology: This is a procedural code and is used for reporting medical, diagnostic and surgical services provided by health care professionals. They are also used to track important health data and measure performance and efficiency. Majority of the codes are numeric in nature.

HCPCS: Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System. The main aim of this system is to ensure accurate, consistent billing and processing of insurance claims. HCPCS codes are mainly used for billing and identify items and non-physician based services such as ambulance services, prosthetic devices.

CPC: (Certified Professional Coder) is a certification that is awarded by AAPC (American Academy for Professional Coders) and is the most recognized credential worldwide. In most countries like USA, Middle East, UK etc. it is mandatory to clear the CPC exam in order to get a job. In India, it is possible to get a job without CPC certification but salaries slabs are lower than that of CPC certified medical coders.

Why is it important to certify in CPC?

Earning a credential from AAPC has many advantages.

1. You get associated with American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and are updated on the latest developments in the field of medical coding.

2. Introduces you to an eminent community of ongoing support.

3. Connects you to an elite network of certified peers.

4. Enhances your curriculum vitae.

5. Opens up the opportunity to work abroad.

6. Enhances your employability and salary scale (even in a difficult job market).

7. Ensures sharp career growth for both science and non-science graduate.


Reetha Babu

"I am very grateful to the Placement department for having placed me in a top MNC. I recently received “Best Employee” of the month and I dedicate the same to NIMC."

Athul Saju

"I always dreamt of working in the medical field. National Institute of Medical Coding gave me the opportunity to work in a top MNC and I really thank all the staff and my trainer who made me so thorough in this field."

Prem Raj

"I have enjoyed the time I spent in NIMC. I have found the trainers and staff very approachable. The placement department was very proactive and got me placed in a very short time"

Amol Mehta

"I have studied medical coding online. Earlier I was apprehensive whether I would be able to grasp the concept. However, the trainers are well qualified and are experts in medical coding. They were able to clear all my doubts online itself. I was able to complete the course with A Grade and I am now working in a top MNC. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff especially my student counsellor, trainer, and placement cell for their sincere efforts."


Can I do the medical coding course online?

Yes, we provide full support for classes to be held online, where a set of students will be taught together.

What is the eligibility for Medical coding?

You need to be a graduate (any stream), and below 35 years.

Can a non-science student get a job as medical coder?

Yes. It is possible for a non-science student to get a job as medical coder, as long as he is below 35 years.

What will be the course material for medical coding?

The learning material comprises books on ICD, CPT, HCPS

I am more than 40 years. Can I get a job as medical coder in India?

It is possible to get a job as medical coder, but it is not 100% guaranteed in India. The probability of the getting a job increases if you accomplish “Certificate for Professional Coder”. Hence we can facilitate the placement but cannot assure.

From which hospital your link is tie-up where you can help me in job?

We have be tied up with 70+ of the Medical Coding Companies in India viz Teleperformance, S-10, Deccan I, Navigent, Dell, Ajuba Solutions, Omega Healthcare, E4E, Mmodal, CBay Systems, Visionary RCM, Episource and more.

I am more than 40  years.  Can I get a job as medical coder in USA?

There is no age limit for a medical coder in USA. You need to clear the CPC and you are eligible for a job.

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medical coding institute in kerala

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medical coding institute in kerala

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